Group Incentive Systems

With the help of the Working Group, we would like to focus on a topic that affects all HAWs equally. In particular, the exchange of ideas, freshly established and long-standing incentive systems at the various institutions should bring long-term success factors. Not every institution has to set up new processes based on the principle and should learn and benefit from the experiences of others through this network.

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HS Weihenstephan-Triesdorf
Megafon mit Sprechblase

English language training for administrative employees

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HS Mannheim

Establishment of the Research Management Center (RMC)

The Research Management Center offers comprehensive support to the university’s researchers in matters of external funding. National and international research projects are facilitated through information, advice and administrative support given during the application process as well as during the implementation of the projects.

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HTW Berlin

Scientific Advisory Board EU-fit

Mit dem ins Leben gerufenen Wissenschaftlichen Beirat soll für die EU-Strategie an der HTW Berlin die Rückkoppelung von Zielen und geplanten EU-Strategiemaßnahmen mit der Professorenschaft erreicht und verankert werden. Zugleich bedeutet es Pflege und Ansprechbarbeit einer EU-affinen Forschungs-Community.

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Task force „EU-administration“

Regular administrative meeting concerned with all questions of administration of third party funding/ EU funding. Members comprise the research service team and employees from administrative teams (finances and human resources). The task forces works on solutions for general and specific issues that occur in the administration of EU projects and funding applications.

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HNE Eberswalde
Zwei ineinandergreifende Zahnräder

Timetable for reporting in Horizon 2020 projects

The timetable for reporting was created as a tool that ensures the timely and complete compilation of documents and creates structures that potentially enable continuous participation in EU projects.

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