# Process optimization

Timetable for reporting in Horizon 2020 projects

The timetable for reporting was created as a tool that ensures the timely and complete compilation of documents and creates structures that potentially enable continuous participation in EU projects.


In case of a successful application, the smooth handling of a Horizon 2020 project for small universities of applied sciences can be a big challenge. After all, if the institution is to establish itself successfully in the European Research Area in the long term, it must establish itself as a reliable partner for EU projects. This applies even more so to coordinated projects. The Eberswalde University of Applied Sciences has therefore focused on optimizing administrative processes as a strategic measure. One of the instruments for building effective processes in management is a reporting timetable, which should enable better time management and the clear naming of responsibilities in reporting.


Depending on the project phase, the timetable is drawn up 2-3 months before the end of a reporting period and is adapted individually to each project. As a central document, the roadmap should help all parties involved in this process to complete reporting completely and on time. At the same time, it is intended to relieve the administrative burden and ensure audit-proof document storage.


Mainly the EU department and the project staff; for queries the department for budget and procurement and the department for personnel matters.


With the introduction of the timetable, reporting has become more structured and everyone involved knows where you come in. This creates planning reliability on the one hand and more binding force on the other.