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Establishment of the Research Management Center (RMC)

The Research Management Center offers comprehensive support to the university’s researchers in matters of external funding. National and international research projects are facilitated through information, advice and administrative support given during the application process as well as during the implementation of the projects.


Over the last years, the university’s research activity has continuously expanded, including at the European and international level. The support structures necessary for a permanent and successful commitment to EU activities, however, did not develop accordingly. For this reason, the university’s EU research strategy was revised and suitable measures were taken to enable further participation in EU programmes. As such, over the course of the “EU-Strategie-FH” project, the focus fell on the establishment of a research information, advice and support center. In addition to the support given during the application and implementation phases of the projects, an essential task of the center is to provide individually tailored advice to the scientists. The aim is to encourage and multiply applications, especially those at the European level. During the first funding phase, the primary focus of the measure was on the biotechnology department. The second phase has allowed the Research Management Center to broaden its support and incorporate all fields of research.


The Research Management Center informs university researchers about current calls fitting their profile and about funding opportunities in the different programmes. Support is given during the application process (budgeting and other administrative tasks) and, when funding is granted, the RMC helps with subsequent administrative procedures.
In addition to this support, researchers benefit from EU workshops organized by the RMC. The intention is to make the Horizon 2020 programme more accessible to the university’s professors and SME partners by clarifying any questions that may arise concerning the different programme sections and by informing them about new funding options. Furthermore, the workshop provides the opportunity to create and strengthen EU-related networks in- and outside the university, all of which can contribute to future application submissions.


Research Management Center of the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim, external speakers and partners


Within the university, the activity of the Research Management Center increases the general visibility of research and specifically draws attention to European programmes. Since its establishment, the RMC has been able to provide individual advice on numerous occasions and assist with a great number of project applications. Meanwhile, general interest in Horizon 2020 programmes has risen on the part of the researchers. The EU workshops could not take place and reach all faculties at the university without the centralised organization provided by the RMC thanks to „EU-Strategie-FH“.

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