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Group Incentive Systems

With the help of the Working Group, we would like to focus on a topic that affects all HAWs equally. In particular, the exchange of ideas, freshly established and long-standing incentive systems at the various institutions should bring long-term success factors. Not every institution has to set up new processes based on the principle and should learn and benefit from the experiences of others through this network.


The experience and knowledge from the network should be systematically collected and processed in such a way that the results can then be viewed quickly and, if necessary, transferred to other university of applied sciences structures.


First, an extensive query was carried out on the existing incentive systems in the network. Based on the answers, a process map was then developed that shows the most common processes of four different incentive systems and at the same time draws attention to positive and negative experiences. In addition, the current scientific status on the topic was processed and made available to the entire network.


The working group was founded at a working meeting of the FHnet by the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, the Bremen University of Applied Sciences, the Harz University of Applied Sciences and the Technical University of Nuremberg. The university received further support from the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences and the Emden / Leer University of Applied Sciences.


The exchange within the network is a particular focus. Without this exchange, there would be many activities, and so would the working group. The cooperation is always efficient, familiar and professional and could be transferred to other thematic working groups.

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