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English language training for administrative employees


Our administration informed us of a challenge with all the guidelines, project administration, forms etc in the EU context, because they are all in English. If you haven’t used the English you learnt in school for a while you might have forgotten some parts, which makes employees feel uncomfortable. That’s why we initiated an English training course with a focus on administrative issues for the employees within our EU Strategie FH Project. It is counted as internal training and can be visited (online) during working hours. The feedback was so good that the offer was perpetuated rapidly and was implemented in the university.


English language training for administrative staff.


The interest was so high that the course was taken over rapidly into the standard program of the language center.

Contact Person

Meike Dlaboha, EU-Officer, HS Weihenstephan-Triesdorf, portrait

Meike Dlaboha
EU Officer

+49 8161 71-6310