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EU-Strategy-FH 2017: Three Universities of Saxony-Anhalt develop their european research potentials (HS³ Go Europe)

The partners' aim is a permanent continuation of the strategic transfer structures beyond the funding and specialize in the subject areas "Sustainability & Resource Efficiency", "Digitization" and "Demographic consequences".

Initial situation

The reason for the joint application in the university network is the already close cooperation based on established network structures. The “Competence Network for Applied and Transfer-oriented Research (KAT)” connects the universities of applied sciences in research transfer issues and has been funded by the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt in 2006. Since 2011, the EU-academic network Saxony-Anhalt has also been funded to provide expertise and assistance in applying and managing EU research projects. The established cooperation of these network structures enables the optimal use and development of further synergies and potential within the academic network.
Furthermore, the Harz University of Applied Sciences has set up the Application Lab within the Research and Transfer Unit. The service offers additional supportive advisory that can provide extensive R&D services both internally and externally during each phase of a research project. With the support of the BMBF, the Application Lab will now be assigned a newly created position of the EU Research Manager, which will further promote its strategic positioning with regard to the European Research Framework.


The joint project “HS³ Go Europe” supports to contact with international R&D partners and, consequently, the quality of research and teaching is strengthened. The EU Research Funding Manager will increase the number of applications for Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe projects and associated programs, such as ERASMUS + and Interreg. The aim of the universities is a strong involvement of the regional economy and a high public percep-tion, which will increase the reputation of the scientists. “HS³ Go Europe” ensures the efficient and effective use of resources with regard to EU competence building and the mutual exchange of EU experience. For this reason, Harz University aims for a permanent continuation of the planned transfer structures beyond the funding period and relies on sustainable strategy development within the joint project.


The selected subject areas of the participating universities are “Sustainability & Resource Efficiency”, “Digitization” and the “Demographic consequences”. From these priorities arise different work packages whose responsibilities have been divided among the three universities. The responsibilities of the work packages one to three “Partnering”, “Competency building” and the “Support for applications and administration” as well as the fifth task package “Project management” are attributed to the partners. The Harz university of applied science assumes the responsibility of the fourth task package of “Dissemination and Sustainability”, which aims to increase the perception to the outside and the inside as well as the sustainable support of EU research activities. Within the project the focus is on the targeted use of human resources and built-up competencies. The EU Research Funding Manager will introduce an internationalization strategy for the composite partner that builds on specialized key performance indicators and thus ensures sustainable implementation.


From 2018-7-1 to 2022-6-30

Contact Person

Prof. Dr. Frieder Stolzenburg, Mitarbeiter der HS Harz, Porträt

Prof. Dr. Frieder Stolzenburg
Vice Rector for Research and Equal Opportunity and Project Manager HS³ Go Europe

+49 3943 659 333