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Competition EU-Research of Trier University of Applied Sciences

The Trier University of Applied Sciences EU-Research Competition is an annual opportunity for researchers to obtain support for the development of an EU research project. Students can take part with their own project ideas and win a scholarship, which should make it possible to develop a doctoral project with an EU relevance.


As part of the “START – Student Activating Revolving Strategy” project, Trier University of Applied Sciences carries out a competition for European research projects since 2015, with a focus on the research framework programme Horizon 2020. The competition serves to strengthen the research activities of Trier University of Applied Sciences on a European level. The most innovative and in the European competition most promising project approaches are awarded by a jury, which is mainly composed of external experts. The winners will receive up to 15,000 Euros to prepare project proposals for EU programmes.
Students can also apply for their own prize: The best idea for a doctoral project with EU relevance is rewarded with a six-month scholarship to enable students to prepare for a doctoral programme.


Two funding formats are launched annually in the EU Research competition: In the competition for researchers, professors and scientific staff can apply. A special funding line for students, which was added in 2016, aims to open the door to doctoral studies for young researchers. Participants have the opportunity to present their research ideas to a jury, mainly composed of external experts. The competition is endowed with a total of 24,500 € and the winners also receive a certificate and a sculpture designed by students of Trier University of Applied Sciences.


Researchers and students of Trier University of Applied Sciences are involved in the EU Research Competition, as well as an external jury consisting of representatives of science, politics, and science and business promotion.


The EU Research competition supports researchers and students in turning their research ideas into EU projects and recognizes their commitment to research. In addition, by inviting an external jury to participate, it also promotes exchange with partners from science, industry and politics, whose representatives gain an insight into the diversity of research at Trier University of Applied Sciences.

Contact Person

Dr. Eva Klos, Mitarbeiterin Hochschule Trier, Porträt

Dr. Eva Maria Klos
Research Facilitator

+49 651 8103-742