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Establishment of the European Project Office in the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences in Gelsenkirchen (Euro-WHS)

EUPro-WHS plans to establish a European Project Office in order to increase the participation of the WHS in EU-Projects in Horizon 2020, giving support during the submission of the proposal and the implementation of the project.

Initial situation

Before EUPro-WHS, the initial situation in relation to European proposals/projects was the following:

  • No centralised systemic support to EU proposals/projects
  • Successful projects due to self-initiative motivated researchers
  • Management and administration of EU projects carried out by researchers alone.
  • Decentralised and no sustainable know-how


The most important goal set in EUPro-WHS was to increase the participation in European Research and Innovation Projects, through motivation of professors and researchers of the WHS. Further goals are the dissemination of available know-how and expertise to a broader use and anchorage within the WHS and the allocation of individual consultancy and professional support in all the phases of the submission process in the framework of an holistic research management, in a close cooperation with the strategy to continue development of the WHS as an international University of Applied Sciences. In addition to the targeted networking activities, a new philosophy has been developed: “You do the research, we handle the rest”.


Information, support and networking activities will be carried out during the implementation of the project. For instance, since January 2018 a newsletter containing a summary of the most important news, events or calls in relation to Horizon 2020 is sent every two weeks to professors and researchers of the WHS. Moreover, individual meetings with professors and researchers have been carried out to offer the services and support of the European Projects Office during preparation and submission of proposals and later on during the implementation of the project.
The European Projects Office of the WHS has already taken part in some proposals, giving direct strategic, administrative and technical support.
Additionally to the already mentioned activities, the European Projects Office of the WHS will take part in training actions in cooperation with the Technology Transfer Department to teach professors and researcher about Horizon 2020 and how to write a good proposal.


2015-3-1 to 2019-9-30

Contact Person

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Prof. Dr. Michael Brodmann
EU Liaison Officer

+49 209 9596-828