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Challenge Horizon 2020 – Development and Implentation of a EU-Research strategy at the Univeristy of Applied Sciences Dresden

The HTW Dresden intends within HTWgoesEU an internal strategic transformation with a five-module EU research strategy to systematically increase the successful acquisition of EU research funding.

Initial situation

The possibilities of profiling the university and improving its performance for the innovation region, which grow out of an international research cooperation, are currently far from exhausted. In addition, the sustainable interest of the scientists of the HTWD could not yet be used. A further internationalization of research and the increased use of EU research framework programs for the strategy of the HTW Dresden is necessary. The research-active scientists of the university are highly interested in international cooperation because they value the potential increase in knowledge in cooperation with the best researchers in Europe. In part, without participation in EU research programs, the scope and quality of research will not be sustainable. In order to comply with the requirements of teaching, science, business and politics for a European orientation of research at the HTWD in terms of content and structure, the creation and implementation of a consistent strategy and start-up financing for their implementation is required.


  1. Transformation of existing infrastructure of the HTWD to the needs of EU research, especially in terms of human resources, know-how and equipment
  2. Visibly improving the climate at the HTWD for participation in EU research programs so that all professors and staff “feel good about themselves”
  3. Focus on two EU research priorities to sharpen the top
  4. Improve the visibility of EU competence and the college for potential partners
  5. Actively and systematically expand European alliances


  1. Establishment and operation of an advisory and support body for EU research projects
  2. Pro-EU Research Change Management at the HTW Dresden
  3. Targeted expansion of national and international networking
  4. Development of the research information system and strengthening of public relations for
  5. Establishment of an EU research fund at the HTW Dresden
  6. Project management and evaluation of EU research proposals and approved projects


2018-8-1 to 2023-6-30

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Contact for Public Research Funding of the HTW Berlin

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Max Mustermann