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EU-Strategie-FH 2014: EU-Scouting

Initial situation

Prior to the start of the project EU-Strategie-FH, the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück had already a well established structure for research promotion. On the one hand the EU-Office supports grant applications on the EU level. On the other hand the Science and Technology Transfer Office is responsible for national grant support. Research and innovation activities were already established, and a number of grants – among others one FP7 and one Horizon 2020 project participation could be collected.


First of all an analysis of the potentials for research activities was conducted in order to detect the allocation and development of research endeavours throughout the faculties. For well-established researchers, a consortium lead in a framework programme call is an objective to strive for. In addition, newly appointed professors and young researchers are encouraged to join project proposal consortia and participate in international research. These new scientists receive special attention from the EU office.


  • Analysis of the potential of research activities – accomplished in early 2016
  • Support of more than 20 Horizon 2020 proposals including co-authoring for particular proposals
  • Successful Horizon 2020 proposals for three research groups at the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück
  • Successful applications for three researchers in the BMBF EU-Antrag-FH programme for the preparation of Horizon 2020 proposals


2015-3-1 to 2019-4-15

Contact Person

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Friedrich Uhrmacher
Grant advisor

+49 541 969-2924