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Institute of International Applied Research in Biomedical Engineering (IIAR Biomedical Engineering)

The "EU Strategy-FH" project aims to raise awareness of the MUAS-scientists for European research programs and increase their participation in Horizon 2020. This should be achieved through optimally designed framework conditions and extensive support services.

Initial situation

Prior to the project launch, Mannheim University of Applied Sciences had already developed a strong research expertise in applied research with SMEs, large-scale industry and academic partners, and it had established specific research topics. It has built up international contacts and gained first positive experience in EU activities. However, until the start of the project, there were only a few supporting structures within the university, which could be used to set up and administer international collaborative projects. Researchers were required to research necessary information on programs, applications, etc.


The project is intended to strategically position Mannheim University of Applied Sciences with regard to “Horizon 2020” and increase its visibility in the European research area. The aim is to optimize the conditions for applicants and to provide them with more intensive support in the development of their research activities. As MUAS is a strong research partner in applied research and often cooperates in R & D projects with small and medium-sized regional enterprises (SMEs), another goal is to win these small companies over to EU research programs. Cooperation with them should be intensified, they should be involved in the application planning at an early stage. At the same time, the goal is to institutionalize EU application support in internal administrative processes.
In its first phase, the project initially focused on the research areas “Medical Biotechnology” / “Intelligent Sensing”. Now it has been extended to all research fields. In addition, with the establishment of a Research Management Center, a first step was taken towards a central support structure in research management.


  • Analysis of research competencies and definition of EU-relevant unique selling points
  • Branding of researchers in EU portals
  • Analysis of work programs and provision of individual support options
  • Analysis of tenders regarding the potential for cooperation projects with regional companies
  • Provision of information to companies by means of regular individualized newsletters
  • Company visits to present cooperation opportunities
  • Implementation of applicant workshops for scientists and SME
  • Support for applications


2015-6-1 to 2020-9-30

Research Department of the Mannheim University of Applied Scieneces

Contact Person

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Research Management Center

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