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EU-Strategie-FH: Management of change processes to increase success of applications in Horizon 2020

Within the scope of “EU-Strategie-FH”, Hochschule Bremen aims to develop and institutionalize necessary processes and structures to successfully support their scientist and administration in planning and managing EU-funded projects.

Initial situation

International cooperation has been an important focus of Hochschule Bremen (HSB) for many years. Our partner institutions spread across 70 countries and contribute to 60% of our curricula. Simultaneously, research activities have increased and contribute to our profile through the formation of six active and collaborative research clusters. Our strategic goal is to establish EU research projects in these clusters in addition to and in cooperation with existing international networks. The current project, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research under the category of “EU-Strategie FH”, has set out to foster this process.


In order to support EU funded research at HSB, the main goals of this project are to

  • establish new forms of cooperation between administrative and research personnel,
  • provide quality management and quality assurance for administration, consulting, and controlling of EU funded projects, and
  • strategically position research clusters in relation to EU supported topics and access to funding.


Action will be taken during the course of the project according to the following work packages:

  • WP 1: Establish a research support service at HSB
  • WP 2: Initiate change management at HSB, focused on the application for and administration of EU-funded research
  • WP 3: Optimize administrative processes related to EU-funded projects
  • WP 4: Ensure the visibility of HSB as a potential partner in EU-projects
  • WP 5: Facilitate networking and transfer


2015-4-1 to 2022-10-31

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Contact Person

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