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Broadening Horizons - Ways of sustainable networking, visibility and support (BROADWAY)

BROADWAY aims to increase HAW Hamburg’s involvement in EU-funded research. Its threefold focus encompasses intensifying networking, raising HAW Hamburg’s profile and enhancing funding application support.

Initial situation

HAW Hamburg has established itself as a strong national player in academic research. Many of its researchers are keen to incorporate a European dimension into their research, but need more support. Therefore, at the beginning of 2017, HAW Hamburg established the post of EU research officer.
A needs assessment conducted at HAW Hamburg in the same year pointed to the following issues related to EU-funded research which require greater support from the university:

  • networking with potential partner institutions
  • assistance with quality assurance for funding applications
  • greater visibility for research achievements, so the university’s strengths come to the fore in interaction with potential partner institutions and organisations.

The purpose of the BROADWAY project is to take on the areas of need highlighted by our academics and implement responses to these needs.


HAW Hamburg intends to significantly increase the number of funded EU projects in its European research framework programme, motivate more of its academic staff to apply for EU research funding, and substantially raise the profile of HAW Hamburg at European level. Quality assurance of funding applications is an important factor in improving success rates. Putting enhanced support in place during the application process is therefore one of the BROADWAY project’s three focal areas, alongside intensifying networking activities and boosting the institution‘s visibility. The project will seek to embed the support structures it establishes at HAW Hamburg on a long-term basis, as only this will ensure enduring impact.


The intensification of networking activities will seek to build on HAW Hamburg‘s existing networks as well as developing new ones focusing on EU-funded research activities; this will generate partnerships for specific funding applications. This networking initiative will also pursue the expansion of HAW Hamburg’s networks with businesses with a view to research collaborations within the EU.
The project will organise events aimed at raising HAW Hamburg’s profile. Regional formats such as “Science meets Business” will be complemented by workshops on specific themes. “Showcase” events will take place in Brussels.
Improved support for academics in the funding application process will encompass increased assistance with writing grant applications, with particular emphasis on specific challenges related to applications for funding in the European context. These include formulating applications in appropriate academic English and quality assurance regarding content and administrative issues.


2018-6-1 to 2023-5-31

Contact Persons

Dr. Maren Adler, Mitarbeiterin HAW Hamburg, Porträt

Dr. Maren Adler
EU Research Officer / project lead

+49 40 42875-9282

Dipl.-Geogr. Kathrin Rath, Mitarbeiterin HAW Hamburg, Porträt

Dipl.-Geogr. Kathrin Rath
Coordination of International Research

+49 40 42875-9897